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RAE Systems - AreaRAE Steel - Area Gas Monitor

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AreaRAE Steel

Transportable, wireless multi-gas monitor designed for wide-area harsh environments

Whether you’re establishing a perimeter at an incident site or need to deploy semi-fixed monitors around your facility, the AreaRAE Steel provides real-time wireless measurements for a range of potential threats. With a PID sensor for VOCs, an LEL sensor for combustible gases, an oxygen sensor, and two user-selectable sensors for toxic gases such as chlorine or hydrogen sulfide, you can deploy the monitor and replace sensors when circumstances change. The transportable AreaRAE Steel monitor is rugged and can run on battery, A/C power, and solar power with SolarRAE. This industry-leading wireless area monitor can also be combined with the ProRAE Guardian software, PlumeRAE, other third-party software solutions, and as part of the AreaRAE RDK for a more comprehensive view. 

  • Wireless multi-gas monitor
  • Rugged, portable, and weather-resistant for harsh environments
  • Monitors up to five threats, including VOCs, combustibles, toxics, and oxygen
  • Wireless technology sends real-time data to command station up to two miles (3km) away
  • Built-in sampling pump
  • GPS optional
  • Compatible with AreaRAE monitoring system

Monitor Only Includes: • Monitor asspecified • Sensors asspecified • Calibration adapter • Operation and maintenance manual • Rechargeable Lithium-ion battery pack • 120/240 VAC AC/DC Adapter • Spare alkaline battery pack • 10 spare external filters • 5 Internal filters • Hard transportcase with pre-cut foam padding • Toolkit

Instrument with calibration also includes: • Calibration gas(multiple cylinders possible, depending on the sensorsinstalled) • Calibration regulator and tubing (second regulator possible, depending on the types ofcalibration gasesincluded)


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