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Area Gas Monitors

Area Gas Monitors are primarily designed for personnel group protection, area monitoring and providing a virtual perimeter of protection

Used in harsh environments like offshore platforms to desert conditions Area Monitors need to be rugged and robust. Many are manufactured from Stainless Steel and have legs to raise them from the floor of the working area. 

Area Monitors have the option of an integral pump for sampling along with alarms and high decibel sounders with multiple flashing beacons to ensure good visibility in all conditions. 

Area Monitors are available with a wide range of sensor options including your standard oxygen, flammable and toxic sensors while some have the ability to monitor VOC's using PID detection and the AreaRAE Gamma also can be equipped with a gamma radiation sensor for the nucleur industry. 

Below you will find a selection of Area Monitors from leading manufacturers available from Gas Monitor Point but please dont hesitate to call our sales team to discuss your individual Area Monitoring requiremnts and we will help select the most viable instrument for your needs and budget. 

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