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Cellar Gas Detection

Health and Safety Gas Monitoring in Pub, Restaurant, Club and Bar Cellars

In the hospitality industry, pubs, restaurants, clubs and bar cellars are probably the most confined of spaces and the highest risk of death comes from the silent killers– CO2 (carbon dioxide) & N2 (nitrogen) gas.

If gas from CO2 or N2 cylinders leaks into your cellar, the gas, which is heavier than air, can build up in pools over a period of time. Long term exposure to as little 0.5% volume CO2 represents a toxic health hazard. Concentrations greater than 15% volume can lead to death.

Anyone going down into the cellar is then at risk of asphyxiation.

Our Solution

Fit the ANALOX AX60+ or Analox AX60K for Kiosks from Gas Monitor Point which has been specifically designed to warn personnel of a carbon dioxide leak or to the depletion of oxygen (if the O2 option is chosen) The ANALOX AX60+ is installed within the cellar and has a remote indicator which is placed outside the room which emits an audible and visual alarm when toxic levels have been reached.


We can offer an installation and commissioning service anywhere in the mainland UK along with a service contract to ensure you gas detection system continues to protect you and your staff.


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