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Honeywell Midas Gas Detector

£750.00 (£750.00 ex. VAT)
£750.00 (£900.00 inc VAT)

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Honeywell Midas Gas Detector

Bringing new visibility, reliability and ease of use to gas detection in semiconductor processing and industrial manufacturing.
Features & Benefits
  • Detects more than 35 gases error-free
  • Improved visibility and ease of use
  • Easy installation 
Quick Specs
  • Flow Rate: 500 mL/min
  • Transport Time: 2 to 30 seconds maximum
  • Sample Line Tubing: 0.125 in ID x 0.25 in OD

Product Overview

The Midas Gas Detector uses reliable sensor technology to detect many key toxic, ambient and flammable gases in a plant. The device monitors points up to 100 feet (30 meters) away while using patented technology to regulate flow rates and ensure error-free gas detection. Thanks to Honeywell’s use of advanced robotics, the Midas Gas Detector offers unbeatable quality and reliability:

  • Improved visibility and ease of use. The Midas Gas Detector is
    equipped with bright LED lights and an intuitive, interactive interface that provides instant alerts to gas readings or alarm levels. The interface also includes password-protected menus for configuration, test and calibration.
  • Easy installation. Compact in size with an easy-to-handle metal chassis, the Midas Gas Detector is simple to install. That’s especially important in crowded, complex process environments where space is at a premium.
  • Numerous applications. With feature-rich capabilities that are easy to use, the Midas Gas Detector is suitable for many industry applications, including semiconductor processing, light industrial manufacturing, university laboratories, aerospace, wastewater and more.

Additional Features and Benefits:

  • Over 35 gases available with extended 2 year warranty*
  • Smart sensor cartridge with on board ‘e-calibration’ certificate
  • 3 built in relays (Form C) for Alarm 1, 2 and Fault
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE) communication
  • Keypad interface and remote web browser interface
  • Optional Midas Pyrolyzer module that connects to any Midas Gas Detector
  • Password protected menu levels to preserve system integrity
  • Bright LEDs and intuitive icon driven, large multicolor backlit LCD display
  • Factory-calibrated sensors to reduce need for frequent gas testing
  • Isolated 0-22 mA analog output with fault and event reporting
  • Modbus/TCP Ethernet for easy connectivity to all control and alarm systems ports for control connectivity and service interaction
  • Robust extractive pump system (2 year lifetime) sampling up to 100 feet
  • CE marked for total immunity to Radio Frequency Interference
  • Reflex® sensor health check for improved safety
  • TempraSureTM temperature compensation technology as appropriate
  • Event logging to review sensor history

Configurations available 

Ammonia NH3 0-100 ppm MIDAS-E-NH3

Arsine AsH3 0-200 ppb MIDAS-E-ASH

Boron Trichloride BCl3 0-8 ppm MIDAS-E-HCL

Boron Trifluoride BF3 0-8 ppm MIDAS-E-HFX

Boron Trifluoride (Low Level) BF3 0-2 ppm MIDAS-E-HFL

Bromine Br2 0-0.4 ppm MIDAS-E-BR2

Butane n-C4H10 0~100 %LEL MIDAS-E-LEB

Carbon Dioxide CO2 0-2.0% MIDAS-E-CO2

Carbon Monoxide CO 0-100 ppm MIDAS-E-COX

Carbon Monoxide (Low H2 interference) CO 0-100 ppm MIDAS-E-COH

Chlorine Cl2 0-2 ppm MIDAS-E-HAL

Chlorine Dioxide ClO2 0-0.4 ppm MIDAS-E-BR2

Diborane B2H6 0-400 ppb MIDAS-E-B2H

Dichlorosilane H2Cl2Si 0-8 ppm MIDAS-E-HCL

Difluoromethane** CH2F2 0-240 ppm MIDAS-E-XCF

Disilane Si2H6 0-20 ppm MIDAS-E-SHX

Ethylene C2H4 0~100 %LEL MIDAS-E-LEL

Fluorine F2 0-4 ppm MIDAS-E-HAL

Germane GeH4 0-800 ppb MIDAS-E-ASH

Hexafluorobutadiene** C4F6 0-40 ppm MIDAS-E-CFX

Hydrogen (%LEL) H2 0~100 %LEL MIDAS-E-LEL*

Hydrogen (ppm) H2 0-1000 ppm MIDAS-E-H2X

Hydrogen Bromide HBr 0-8 ppm MIDAS-E-HCL

Hydrogen Chloride HCl 0-8 ppm MIDAS-E-HCL

Hydrogen Cyanide HCN 0-20 ppm MIDAS-E-HCN

Hydrogen Fluoride HF 0-12 ppm MIDAS-E-HFX

Hydrogen Fluoride (Low Level) HFL 0-2 ppm MIDAS-E-HFL

Hydrogen Sulfide H2S 0-40 ppm MIDAS-E-H2S

Methane (%LEL) CH4 0~100 %LEL MIDAS-E-LEL*

Methyl Fluoride** CH3F 0-120 ppm MIDAS-E-XHF

Nitric Oxide NO 0-100 ppm MIDAS-E-NOX

Nitrogen Dioxide NO2 0-12 ppm MIDAS-E-NO2

Nitrogen Trifluoride** NF3 0-40 ppm MIDAS-E-HFX for 00P, XHF for NP1

Octane n-C8H18 0~100 %LEL MIDAS-E-LEO

Octofluorocyclopentene** C5F8 0-40 ppm MIDAS-E-XCF

Oxygen O2 0~25% v/v MIDAS-E-O2X

Ozone O3 0-0.7 ppm MIDAS-E-O3H

Ozone (Low Level) O3 0-0.4 ppm MIDAS-E-O3X

Phosphine PH3 0-1200 ppb MIDAS-E-PH3

Propane C3H8 0~100 %LEL MIDAS-E-LEX

Propylene C3H6 0~100 %LEL MIDAS-E-LEL

R134a C2H2F4 0-1000 ppm MIDAS-E-XCF

Silane SiH4 0-20 ppm MIDAS-E-SHX

Silane (Low Level) SiH4 0-2 ppm MIDAS-E-SHL

Sulfur Dioxide SO2 0-8 ppm MIDAS-E-SO2

Tetra Ethyl Ortho Silicate TEOS 0-40 ppm MIDAS-E-TEO

Tungsten Hexafluoride WF6 0-12 ppm MIDAS-E-HFX

Tungsten Hexafluoride (Low Level) WF6 0-2 ppm MIDAS-E-HFL

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