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IntelliDoX docking station for MicroClip Series

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BW IntelliDoX Automatic Instrument Management System for MicroClip Series

IntelliDoX docking station, combining smart docking modules with our Fleet Manager II software with easy 2-minute set up. Feel more confident than ever in the reliability of your gas detection.

Compatible Detectors

  • Microclip XT
  • Microclip XL 
  • Microclip X3

IntelliDoX is an instrument management system for the BW Microclip Range of  gas detector. It combines smart docking modules with our Fleet Manager II software.

• It does the quickest bump test in the industry: You can bump a BW Clip detector in less than 10 seconds 
• Workers simply place their BW MicroClip in the docking module, and it automatically tests the gas detector and sensors while transferring data to your computer for easy record-keeping. 
• And just because the BW MicroClip is maintenance-free doesn’t mean you can’t customise it. With IntelliDoX, you can configure the alarm set points and other parameters based on your changing requirements. So your BW Microclip Clip always works
the way you want it to — whether you’re doing a turnaround or going from one site to another.
• The IntelliDoX system is also easy to set up: It takes just two minutes, and all you need is an Ethernet cable or a USB drive.
It also does a whole lot more. With IntelliDoX, you can feel more confident than ever in the reliability of your gas detection — while improving safety, compliance and productivity.

 IntelliDox Features:

  • Bump testing, configuration, and record-keeping support for the BW Microclip series. User uneatable settings:
  • Configure Alarm Settings
  • Display Gas Reading During Alarm
  • Enable Non-compliance Indicator
  • Schedule Bump & Cal Reminders
  • Transfer Event Logs
  • Time Display Preferences
  • Update Firmware
  • Industry-leading FastBump test that eliminates bottlenecks, while avoiding costly purge cycles that waste gas
  • Gangable up to five modules, each with its own LCD screen and keypad for independent operation
  • Easy to set up with no tools required
  • Easy to connect via Ethernet to a Network
  • USB port to easily configure dock module settings or retrieve data without network access
  • Enables endless configuration of BW Microclip series alarm set points and other parameters throughout the gas detector operation life


What’s in the Box

IntelliDoX Docking Module
Each IntelliDoX Docking Module package contains:
1. One IntelliDoX module with a factory-installed nest for acompatible portable gas detector;
2. Integrated retractable stand / wall mount;
3. One printed Quick Reference Guide;
4. One CD containing the IntelliDoX Operator’s Manual in PDF format; and
5. One CD containing Fleet Manager II software, version 4.x or
The power adapter, power cord, calibration gas tubing, exhaust tubing, and user manual are packaged separately as the IntelliDoX Enabler Kit.
If the IntelliDoX module is damaged or if parts are missing, contact Gas Monitor Point immediately

IntelliDoX Enabler Kit

One Enabler Kit is required for each stand-alone IntelliDoX module
or gang of up to 5 connected modules.
Each IntelliDoX Enabler Kit package contains:
1. One power supply and AC power cord appropriate to shipping destination;
2. One IntelliDoX end plate;
3. One ethernet cable;
4. Calibration gas cylinder tubing and purge gas tubing, 4.6 meters(15 feet);
5. Quick connect fittings;
6. Inlet filters;
7. Assorted connectors;
8. One printed Quick Reference Guide.
9. One CD containing the IntelliDoX Operator Manual in PDFformat; and
10. One CD containing Fleet Manager II software
If Enabler Kit parts are damaged or missing, or if additional Enabler Kits are required, contact Gas Monitor Point immediately.


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