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Crowcon Xgard IQ Gas Detector & Transmitter

£869.00 (£869.00 ex. VAT)
£869.00 (£1,042.80 inc VAT)

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The new XgardIQ, our most intelligent fixed-point gas detector, increases safety by minimising the time operators must spend hazardous areas.This versatile transmitter and gas detector has a range of features that protect engineers and support facilities managers of oil, gas, chemical & petrochemical plants to name a few.

Available fitted with a variety of flammable, toxic or oxygen gas sensors. (SIL-2) Safety integrity level 2 certified gas detector.


XgardIQ is an intelligent and versatile gas detector and transmitter compatible with Crowcon’s full range of sensor technologies. Available fitted with a variety of flammable, toxic or oxygen gas sensors.

Providing analogue 4-20mA and RS-485 Modbus signals as standard, XgardIQ is optionally available with Alarm and Fault relays and HART communications. The 316 stainless steel are available with three M20 or 1/2“NPT cable entries.

(SIL-2) Safety integrity level 2 certified gas detector.

Easy and safe to use

  • OLED display – Bright, clear display indicates gas level and detector status even in dark locations
  • Non-intrusive calibration – Zero and calibration functions are performed via the display and keypad, without the need for a hot-work permit or any special tools (e.g. no magnetic wand required)
  • +ve Safety indicator – Confirms the detector is operating safely at a glance
  • Event log function – Stores all alarm, fault and maintenance events to provide a history of detector use
  • Remote sensor – Improves probability of detection

Simple installation and maintenance

  • Universal transmitter – Common transmitter for Crowcon’s full range of sensor technologies
  • Hot-swap sensor modules – Sensors can easily be replaced using one hand without requiring tools or a hot-work permit
  • Auto-sense function – Automatically detects whether the control system is 4-20mA current sink or source and sets itself appropriately, eliminating the risk of being incorrectly set
  • Auto-configure function – Detects when a sensor module is plugged-in and uploads the appropriate gas type, range, units and alarm levels


  • Smart Bump and Speedy Bump test functions – Enable sensor health and response to be verified quickly and easily using test gas. Process is automated and provides a reminder when a bump test is due
  • Calibration due warning – Reminds the user when calibration is due to ensure that sensors remain operational and accurate at all times
  • Sensor range selection – User can set the full-scale range of the sensor via the display menu according to site or specific location requirements.


Size H278 x W140 x D89mm (10.9 x 5.5 x 3.5 in)
Weight 4.1Kg (9lbs)
Enclosure material 316 stainless steel
Ingress protection IP66
Connection Three M20 or ½”NPT cable gland entries.Certified, removable plugs are fitted to left-hand and lower righthand entries
Power 14-30 VDC. <4W
Display Main display – OLED 128 x 64 pixels, yellow text on black background
Indicators – Amber, Red and Green LED’s for detector status; Blue +ve Safety LED
Electrical output 4-20mA current sink or source (Auto-Sense or manual selection); warning and fault signals are configurable. NAMUR NE 43 compliant
RS-485 Modbus RTU
HART 7 over 4-20mA signal and via local I.S. test points (optional)
Relays (optional)
Alarm 1, Alarm 2, Fault
SPCO contacts rated 5A, 230Vac
Relay configuration options

Energised or de-energised
Latching or non-latching
Rising or falling
Configurable On and Off delays on alarm relays.
Event logging Records alarm, fault and maintenance events. Events can be viewed on-screen and downloaded to a PC.
Operating temperature Transmitter only: -40°C to +75°C (-40°F to +167°F)†


Sensor type:

Oxygen: (-20°C to +50°C ambient)
Toxic: (-40°C to +50°C ambient)
Pellister: (-40°C to +75°C ambient)
Infra-red (IR): (-20°C to +55°C ambient)
High temperature toxic:  (-40⁰C to +70⁰C)

Humidity 0 to 95% RH non-condensing†
Repeatability +/- 2% FSD
Zero drift +/- 2% FSD per year maximum
Response time Sensor dependant: contact Crowcon for specific sensor data.
Approvals ATEX and IECEx:
Ex II 2 G    Ex db ia IIC T4 Gb (see above for temperature ranges)
Performance Designed for compliance with:
EN50104 (oxygen sensors)
EN45544 (toxic gas sensors)*
EN50271 (software)
H2S performance standard
Functional safety IEC61508, EN50402 SIL 2
EMC Compliance EN50270:2015
FCC CFR47 Part 15B

† Note: sensor operating temperature and humidity limits vary widely.

* Features outstanding at the time of issue, contact Crowcon for details.

Gases and Ranges

Gas Units Max
Alarm 1
Alarm 2
range °C 
Oxygen (O2) %Vol 30 25 19 (falling) 17 (falling) -20 to +50
Ammonia PPM 100/1000 50 25 35 -20 to +40
 Carbon Monoxide (CO) PPM 1000 250 30 200  -30 to +50
Hydrogen Fluoride (HF) PPM 10 10 1.8 3 +5 to +40
Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S) PPM 100/200 25 5 10 -30 to +50
High Temperature Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S) PPM 100/200 25 5 10 -40 to +70
Ozone (O3) PPM 1 1 0.1 0.2 -20 to +40
Sulphur Dioxide (SO2) PPM 100 10 1 1 -30 to +50
Hydrogen (H2) %LEL 100 100 20 40 -40 to +75
Methane (CH4) %LEL 100 100 20 40 -40 to +75
Pentane (C5H12) %LEL 100 100 20 40 -40 to +75
Propane (C3H8) %LEL 100 100 20 40 -40 to +75
Ethanol (IR sensor) %LEL 100 100 20 40 -20 to +55
LPG (IR sensor) %LEL 100 100 20 40 -20 to +55
Methane (IR sensor) %LEL 100 100 20 40 -20 to +55
Propane (IR sensor) %LEL 100 100 20 40 +10 to + 55

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