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Gasoline (CNHM) 30 – 1,000 ppmv - Honeywell Gas Detection Tubes

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Gasoline (CNHM) 30 – 1,000 ppmv

On-the-spot, compound-specific measurement of gases and vapors. Honeywell colorimetric gas detection tubes enable quick, 

on-the-spot measurement of a wide range of toxic and combustible gases and vapors. Honeywell tubes are easy to read, and provide a sharp, clear color change directly corresponding to the concentration of gas present.
Honeywell tubes are compatible with the Honeywell piston hand pump, a reliable way to draw samples of an exact volume required for the most accurate measurements.

Colorimetric Tubes
• Wide assortment of tubes available to detect over 300 gases and vapors
• Easy to use, even in multiple layers of gloves
• Easy-to-read with sharp, clear color change
• No calibration or other maintenance required



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