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Carbon Monoxide in your homes

Carbon Monoxide in your homes

Posted by Dawn Beever on 16th Jan 2019

Be carbon monoxide (CO) aware this winter! Don’t take any chances when it comes to this deadly gas.

Now the weather is getting colder it is essential that we stay warm, whether that means by gas fire, log burner or central heating in our homes. Please see our latest blog post regarding the dangers of chimneys and flues in this critical time, when it comes to CO poisoning. For more information about how else it can potentially be an issue in our homes, please see this picture:

Another way in which CO emissions can be harmful to humans is warming our cars up in the morning and de-frosting our windscreens before we go to work/ take the kids to school etc. This is only harmful if you have a garage and turn your engine on in that confined space, to prevent this, ensure the garage door is open for the fumes to escape, other wise the effects could be fatal.

According to the Chief Medical Officer for England, accidental carbon monoxide poisoning results in recorded cases of around 40 deaths and 200 hospitalisations each year in England & Wales.

How can you reduce the risk of CO poisoning?

  • Have your gas appliances serviced annually by a gas engineer who is registered with Gas Safe Register
  • Fix carbon monoxide detectors in your home; these can be purchased from DIY-type stores
  • Ensure detectors are maintained and replaced according to packaging instructions