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Analox Aspida Co2 & O2 Portable

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Analox Aspida Co2 & O2 Portable

The Analox Aspida is a truly personal alarm. Aspida the Greek word meaning shield, and like a shield this robust alarm is dedicated to protecting workers from the dangers of elevated carbon dioxide (CO2) and oxygen (O2) depletion. The Analox Aspida is available as a dual CO2/O2 alarm or as a single gas variant. The Aspida is supplied with the usual features including: audio/visual alarms, Time Weighted Average (TWA), vibration alarm and a highly visible display all packaged into a durable, water resistant enclosure.

Intelligent software: Users of the Analox Aspida will never need to worry about maintenance schedules again. The Aspida uses intelligent software which lets you know what requires maintenance and when - ensuring optimum performance of your unit. The software also allows 2 employees to share the unit, ideal for 24/7 split shift patterns.

Mandown/panic alarm: The Analox Aspida is the first gas alarm to incorporate a man down/panic alarm. The man down alarm will sound a loud (110db) audible alarm in the event of an employee collapsing. Alternatively, an employee can trigger the alarm manually in a panic situation.

Battery flexibility: How often to you forget to recharge equipment? The Aspida offers additional flexibility with battery changing and charging. It is supplied with two rechargeable AA batteries; however, if you forget to charge your unit, you can fit and use two off the shelf AA batteries for the day.



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